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Aphorisms about science

In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual. 

--Galileo Galilei, (1564-1642)

People rarely win wars; governments rarely lose them. 

--Arundhati Roy, (1961- )

Faith that cannot survive collision with the truth is not worth many regrets. 

--Arthur C Clarke, (1917- )

Only the madman is absolutely sure.

--Robert Anton Wilson, novelist (1932-2007)

The television, that insidious beast, that Medusa which freezes a billion people to stone every night, staring fixedly, that Siren which called and sang and promised so much and gave, after all, so little. 

--Ray Bradbury, (1920- )

If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all.

--Noam Chomsky, (1928- )

Those who profess to favor freedom and yet deprecate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing the ground. 

--Frederick Douglass, (1817-1895)

I cannot imagine a God who rewards and punishes the objects of his creation, whose purposes are modeled after our own -- a God, in short, who is but a reflection of human frailty.

--Albert Einstein, (1879-1955)

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)

--Walt Whitman, Song of Myself

Some of the worst actors on the international stage can also take advantage of the collective exhaustion and outrage that people feel with official corruption, as we've seen with Islamic extremists who promise purification, but deliver totalitarianism. Endemic corruption opens the door to this kind of movement, and in its wake comes a new set of distortions and betrayals of public trust.

--Barack Obama, Speech at the University of Nairobi, Kenya; Aug 28, 2006.

The vast majority of human beings dislike and even dread all notions with which they are not familiar. Hence it comes about that at their first appearance innovators have always been derided as fools and madmen.

-Aldous Huxley, (1894-1963)

In science it often happens that scientists say, "You know that's a really good argument; my position is mistaken," and then they would actually change their minds and you never hear that old view from them again. They really do it. It doesn't happen as often as it should, because scientists are human and change is sometimes painful. But it happens every day. I cannot recall the last time something like that happened in politics or religion. 

--Carl Sagan, (1934-1996)

If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play. 

--John Cleese, (1939- )

Life without industry is guilt, industry without art is brutality. 

--John Ruskin, (1819-1900)

Events are in the saddle and tend to ride mankind.

--Ralph Waldo Emerson

To kill time is not murder, it's suicide. 

-William James, (1842-1910)

The things we admire in men, kindness and generosity, openness, honesty, understanding and feeling are the concomitants of failure in our system. And those traits we detest, sharpness, greed, acquisitiveness, meanness, egotism and self-interest are the traits of success. And while men admire the quality of the first they love the produce of the second. 

--John Steinbeck, (1902-1968)

The fetters imposed on liberty at home have ever been forged out of the weapons provided for defense against real, pretended, or imaginary dangers from abroad. 

--James Madison, (1751-1836)

If you give me six lines written by the most honest man, I will find something in them to hang him. 

--Cardinal Richelieu (1585-1642)

To give pleasure to a single heart by a single kind act is better than a thousand head-bowings in prayer. 

--Saadi, (c. 1200 AD)

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